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Musculoskeletal Imaging & Interventional Services: Ultrasound

Ultrasound (US)

US is a simple technique that uses sound waves to image the body. There is no ionizing radiation involved. In the musculoskeletal system if can be used to evaluate tendons and muscles. It is particularly useful at evaluating the rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder. Your doctor may order such as examination if you are unable to have an MRI because of an implanted medical device that is incompatible with MRI. US may be used to guide procedures such as biopsies (please refer to the Special Procedures section for more details).

Why Come to UCSD?

We offer high-resolution US of the musculoskeletal system. One of our staff physicians, Dr. Hughes is an expert in diagnostic US of the musculoskeletal system and performs and interprets the large majority of diagnostic musculoskeletal US at UCSD. Dr. Hughes and his colleagues also perform US guided biopsies.

What Procedures Do We Offer?

Diagnostic US, US-guided biopsy

How to Prepare For Your Exam?

No preparation is required for a diagnostic US. If you are having an US-guided biopsy, please check with your doctor before hand to review your allergies, medications, medical conditions, bloodwork, and any other imaging to ensure that it is safe and appropriate to perform a biopsy (please refer to the Special Procedures section for more details).