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EDI Committee

Committee Members

  • Dorathy Tamayo-Murillo, MD

    Dorathy Tamayo-Murillo, MD

    Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology, Body Imaging
    Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair

    EDI background: Mexican-Filipino American, 1st generation college graduate, with strong interest in helping students from underserved backgrounds succeed in STEM and interest in increasing access of radiology services.

  • ​Alexander Norbash, MD

    ​Alexander Norbash, MD

    Radiology Department Chair
    Clinical Professor of Radiology, Neuroradiology

    EDI background: Former Assistant Dean for Diversity at Boston University, former Associate Vice-Chancellor for Diversity at UCSD

  • Christine Chung, MD

    Christine Chung, MD

    Radiology Department Executive Vice Chair/ Vice Chair Academic Affairs
    Clinical Professor of Radiology, Musculoskeletal Imaging

    EDI background: Korean American 1st generation college graduate. Grew up in rural Wisconsin as the only product of a mixed racial marriage, the only child with divorced parents, and the only Lutheran family in the town. I have a strong belief in the importance and celebration of diversity to foster an appreciation for individual strengths and build synergies that would otherwise be impossible.

  • Andrew Yen, MD

    Andrew Yen, MD

    Clinical Professor of Radiology, Thoracic Imaging
    Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program Director

    EDI background: 2nd-generation Taiwanese-American. I intend to help turn dialogue about EDI into action.

  • Alice Chong, MD, MHCI

    Alice Chong, MD, MHCI

    Associate Clinical Professor of Radiology, Breast Imaging
    Vice Chair of Clinical Operations
    Diagnostic Radiology Residency Associate Program Director

    EDI background: APDR Diversity Committee, SBI IDEA (Inclusion Diversity Equity Alliance), RAD-AID Breast Imaging Operations Program Manager, Faculty Advisor for Health4TheWorld UCSD Chapter and RAD-AID UCSD Chapter.

  • Dion Brown

    Dion Brown

    Residency Program Administrator
    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    EDI background: Black American heritage. Lifetime of experience identifying and challenging the behaviors and structures that perpetuate systemic racism. Social justice advocacy through civic board service, addressing human rights and social service needs.

  • ​Lonnie G. Petersen, MD, PhD

    ​Lonnie G. Petersen, MD, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    EDI background: Passionate about increasing diversity at UC San Diego to better reflect the population we serve. Additionally very passionate about leveling the playing field for female students and colleagues and ensuring a productive and safe environment for all to reach full potential.

  • ​Nikdokht (Niky) Farid, MD

    ​Nikdokht (Niky) Farid, MD

    Associate Clinical Professor of Radiology, Neuroradiology

    EDI background: I am passionate about promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment of women in medicine, starting at the medical student level all the way to the faculty level. I firmly believe that women and men are like two wings of a bird and, unless and until both wings are equally strong, the bird cannot soar at its full capacity. Additionally, as a Baha'i, I have experienced firsthand persecution and prejudice for my religious beliefs, and I firmly believe that we must connect people of all Faiths (and no Faith) with the bonds of unity and fellowship, in order to establish world peace.

  • Albert Hsiao, MD, PhD

    Albert Hsiao, MD, PhD

    Associate Professor of Radiology, In-Residence; Cardiovascular and Thoracic imaging

    EDI background: Second-generation Taiwanese American, and San Diego-native super nerd. I strive to live according to my Christian faith, knowing that I will always fall short on my own efforts, but will constantly be lifted by a power that is not my own. We are blessed, so that we can be a blessing.

  • Isabel Newton, MD, PhD

    Isabel Newton, MD, PhD

    Associate Clinical Professor of Interventional Radiology

    EDI background: Hispanic Center Of Excellence Faculty member and mentor, former residency Program Director, with a strong interest in addressing systemic racism in radiology and making our department more equitable, inclusive and welcoming. Invested in mentorship and pipeline programs.

  • ​Claude B. Sirlin, MD

    ​Claude B. Sirlin, MD

    Clinical Professor of Radiology, Body Imaging

    EDI background: A native New Yorker of Argentinian and Eastern European heritage. Dedicated to equity and diversity because it is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.

  • ​Katherine "Meg" Richman, MD, FACR

    ​Katherine "Meg" Richman, MD, FACR

    Clinical Professor of Radiology, Body Imaging

    EDI background: My passion is to increase the presence of women and URM at UCSD, particularly in high level committees, leadership positions, and our residency program. Most recently, I have chaired the Nominations Committee for UCSD Board of Governors to increase the diversity of its members. I also serve on Faculty Council and the UCSD Nominations Committee to increase representation across Health Sciences.

  • Divya S. Bolar, MD, PhD

    Divya S. Bolar, MD, PhD

    Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology, Neuroradiology

    EDI background: First generation Indian-American, proud father to a biracial two-year old. I am committed to promoting racial and gender equality in academic medicine and believe that diversity makes us collectively stronger as doctors, researchers, and people. I am especially interested in mentoring those from underrepresented backgrounds towards careers in research and medicine.

  • Eddie Smitaman, MD

    Eddie Smitaman, MD

    Associate Clinical Professor of Radiology, Musculoskeletal Imaging

    EDI background: An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Lewis Hahn, MD

    Lewis Hahn, MD

    Assistant Professor of Radiology, In-Residence; Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging

    EDI background: First generation Korean American. I’ve benefited from being around people different from me all my life and hope to give back.

  • Paul Manning, MD

    Paul Manning, MD

    Radiology Chief Resident

    EDI background: Half Central American, San Diego native. Interested in helping students from underserved backgrounds pursue careers in science and medicine, and interested in improving access to healthcare in underserved communities.

  • Peter Abraham, MD, MAS

    Peter Abraham, MD, MAS

    Radiology Resident

    EDI background: First-generation Egyptian American with an abiding interest in helping address gaps in knowledge surrounding local and national policies, which serve as stumbling blocks to an equitable society. Peter’s main interests include addressing systemic racism, sexism, classism, and xenophobia in academic medicine, with the hope that doing so will help elucidate how these biases function in American society as a whole. Starting with making our department more equitable, inclusive and welcoming, he hopes to learn how antiracism, gender equity, and health equity policy can be successfully initiated and sustained.

  • Oscar Bernal

    Oscar Bernal

    Imaging Services – CT Manager

    EDI background: Proud Hispanic immigrant and father to first generation Colombian/Mexican American children. Through my own experiences with racism and inequality, I have gained a passion to fight against the injustices so many of us have faced. I love learning about different cultures and look forward to educating myself on ways to make our community a better and more inclusive place for all.