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K-12 Student Opportunities and Resources


All programs pending availability due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Radiology Art Collaboration Chula Vista School of Creative and Performing Arts

Chula Vista High School is a school of creative and performing arts in the South Bay. Approximately 90% of the students are URM and many are first generation students. In an effort to support the education and development of these students, the Radiology Department created a scholarship for students who submitted work of art.

Winning Submissions

two-faced.jpeg1st Place
Name: Sarah Obregon
Title: “Two-Faced”
Media: Digital
Dimension: 11”w x 14”h

breathe.jpg2nd Place
Name: Miriam Cornejo
Title: “Breathe”
Media: Oil Pastel
Dimension: 12”w x 15.5”h

connection.jpg3rd Place
Name: Angelina Arellano
Title: “Connection”
Media: Ink
Dimension: 9”w x 9.5”h

my-heart.jpegHonorable Mention
Name: Sebastian Huezo
Title: “My Heart”
Media: Acrylic and Watercolor on Canvas
Dimension: 8”w x 10”h

UC San Diego Radiology Medical Career Day

In conjunction with the Intersectional Health Project and Chicanx for Community Medicine and UC San Diego School of Medicine, the Radiology Department as well as other health professions, medical residents, medical students, and college students, helped high school students explore careers in health in online interactive workshops.

career-day.jpeg career-day-2.jpeg career-day-3.jpeg

High School Anatomy Dissection

UC San Diego Radiology residents have to opportunity to provide anatomy instruction to URM high school students in the South Bay followed by a question and answer session.


Reproductive & Oncofertility Science Academy (ROSA)

The Reproductive and Oncofertility Science Academy at UC San Diego (ROSA) program is a hands-on summer program for 11th and 12th grade girls in San Diego County focused on “oncofertility – an exciting new field in medicine that addresses the fertility needs and quality of life issues for young cancer patients.” This program aims to inspire students to become the next generation of physicians and scientists and many graduates have advanced to successful careers in science, math, engineering and technology.

ROSA Program

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) provides free high school membership

Register for the LMSA National Mentorship

Other Opportunities

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