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Musculoskeletal Imaging & Interventional Services: CT

Computed Tomography (CT)

Multiplanar, high-resolution CT is used to evaluate the bony structures of the spine and joints. Our CT examinations are performed on the latest generation of imaging equipment, allowing the highest possible imaging quality. CT is employed for a variety of reasons in musculoskeletal imaging. For example, CT is used to diagnose fractures after trauma. Your doctor may order a CT for a known fracture, to better evaluate the type of fracture and help with surgical planning. It might be used to evaluate healing of bone after surgery. Occasionally, your doctor may request a CT arthrogram, a special procedure where your joint is injected with contrast just before the CT. This is most often performed when you are unable to have an MRI because of an implanted medical device that is incompatible with MRI. This procedure evaluates the cartilage, ligaments and tendons of a joint. CT may also be used to guide soft tissue and bone biopsies (please refer to the Special Procedures section for more details).

Why Come to UCSD?

We offer high-resolution CT of the spine and joints, and all imaging studies are read by experienced, board-certified Musculoskeletal radiologists.

What Procedures Do We Offer?

CT, CT arthrography, CT-guided biopsy

How to Prepare For Your Exam?

No preparation is required, but alert your doctor if you are allergic to contrast agents used for CT, or if you have other serious medical conditions including chronic kidney disease.