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About CMIG

We are an interdisciplinary group of scientists and clinicians who aim to further understanding of healthy development and disease across the life course. We develop and apply advanced imaging techniques and genetic approaches to better understand healthy development, improve disease detection and disease risk prediction, and to promote health.

Our current research focuses on:

  • Quantitative imaging biomarkers of cancer for detection, treatment guidance, and measurement of response to treatment from head to toe.
  • Developing and applying imaging techniques for women's health through all stages of life.
  • Quantitative neuroimaging to describe normal brain developmental and aging trajectories, and to detect perturbations from normal brain structure and function due to disease, injury, substance use or other exposures.
  • Measuring age-specific genetic risk of disease, including dementia, movement disorders, metabolic disorders, and cancer.

We welcome collaboration and provide training opportunities to graduates, undergraduates, and postdoctoral fellows.