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Class of 2028 Research Residents

  • Vitor Martins

    Vitor Martins

    Hometown: Miami FL

    Undergraduate / Medical School: University of Florida / UC San Diego

    Favorite things about UCSD: Amazing faculty and mentors surrounded by beautiful nature

    Favorite things to do in San Diego: Volleyball and taking my dog to the beach

    Fun fact: I love fruits, my favorite being watermelon — I can almost eat one a day!

    Favorite taco in San Diego: El Pastor from The Taco Stand

  • Sophie Wong

    Sophie Wong

    Hometown: San Diego

    Undergraduate / Medical School: UC Berkeley (undergrad), UC San Diego (med school)

    Favorite things about UCSD: I came here for the location and stayed for the people! Everyone in the radiology department has such interesting life stories and hobbies. I always find myself learning so much more than radiology, and I always look forward to spending time with my co-residents and mentors.

    Favorite things to do in San Diego: hiking in Mission Trails, biking along the coast, exploring restaurants in Convoy and North Park

    Fun fact: My thumbs are "double jointed" and bend backward at the MCP joint.

    Favorite taco in San Diego: fish tacos from Oscar's Mexican Seafood