MRI of the Elbow

MRI of the elbow

Your elbow is somewhat of a hinged joint, comprised of three bones: the humerus, radius and ulna. It is supported by tendons and ligaments which may become injured from trauma or chronic repetitive use. Some common causes of elbow pain include tennis and golfer’s elbow which are overuse injuries affecting the tendons on the sides of the elbow. The biceps and triceps tendons which help you bend your elbow, may also be evaluated for injuries. An MRI may also be obtained to look for more serious ligament and tendon injuries related to elbow dislocations. Finally, your doctor may order the MRI with an arthrogram, a special procedure which involves injecting the elbow with contrast just before the MRI. This allows a very detailed evaluation of the internal structures of the joint, more than can be obtained with a conventional MRI without an arthrogram.

Why Come to UCSD?

Our radiologists will provide their expert interpretations of your MRI exam, enabling your doctor to employ the appropriate treatment, whether it be rest, physical rehabilitation or surgical intervention. Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment ensures that you have the highest quality examination.

What Procedures Do We Offer?

MRI, MR arthrography

How to Prepare For Your Exam?

No preparation is required, but alert your doctor if you are allergic to contrast agents used for CT or MRI, or if you have other serious medical conditions, cardiac pacemaker, or other implantable devices.